We are very flexible in terms of what we services we can provide which means we can cater for all abilities.  We cover most mountain ranges in the UK and can provide overseas trips if required.  This gives us the flexibility to be able to control where, how long and how challenging the experience is.

Our main priority is health and safety and we will endeavour to provide the appropriate experiences and activities based upon the children, their parents and carers and the conditions on the day.

We will discuss in detail the event and how it will be run with the parents and any support workers and carers. We will also use our expereinced volunteers as well as qualified mountain leaders on all trips.

An example could be a day drip to Snowdonia in North Wales, where we may take out 3 or 4 children together with their families and support for a few hours. Potentially, this could include going to the summit depending on many factors. However, the main aim will be to provide an enjoyable and safe day for all in the great outdoors so they can benefit from being in and around the mountains.